Lighted Dog Collars

Hi everyone my name is Dorrie and this is my website Lighted Dog Collars Rechargeable, I want to give you a few tips on keeping your pets safe from harms way by introducing you to the lighted dog collar. It’s soft nylon, waterproof, and lights up  bright neon lights to see in the dark. I also have a few other items for your pets so you can find everything in one place.

Product: Lighted Dog Collars

Price: 17.99


Product Colors: Available In 6 Different Colors

Stars: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 4.3 out of Five Stars

Light The Way

Lighted dog collars rechargeable LED will keep our pets safe from harm. They light the way in the dark so your dog, cat, or all pets in general are safer when their wearing these lighted collars. These Lighted Dog Collars are adjustable to fit most any pet. They are made from nylon material so they are soft when you put them on the dogs neck. These lighted dog collars are rechargeable, they have a USB cable that comes with your collar so everything you need is all there to get started keeping your pet safe. LED collars are also great for lighting the way while your walking your dog, so you don’t need to bring a flashlight.

Are LED Safe For Dogs And Pets

The neon light is very bright and well visible in the dark even around dusk it can be seen. I’m a big fan in keeping animals safe and out of harms way.  The bright neon light is a brilliant way for people to see your pet in the dark. LED lights are safe for dogs and any pets in general. LED does not heat up, that makes it perfect when putting the lighted dog collars on it won’t hurt their fur or skin, and LED last longer than other light sources.

Do Dogs See Colors

Dogs do see color, but not what colors humans see. We see blue, red, orange, blue-green, green, and yellow. Dogs see gray, dark gray, light yellow, and light blue. It’s interesting because a lot of dog toys are the color red and that is difficult for a dog to distinguish. Blue is usually the most calming color. Try throwing your dog a yellow dog toy verses a red one and see the energy your dog has thinking it’s play time with the yellow dog toy.

Example 1

For example: If you come home in the evening from work and need to take your dog for his walk and your dog accidentally got off the leash and started running towards the road and a car was coming the driver of the car didn’t see your dog and your dog got hit. It happens all the time and sometimes our animal doesn’t make it. With these Lighted Dog Collars it might just save your dogs life.

Example 2

Example: If you come home in the evening from work and put the lighted dog collar on and he got off the leash and was running towards the road and a car was coming with the lighted dog collar on the driver will be able to see your dog and be able to brake or swerve to miss your dog and it could save his life.

Saving Lives

I am a firm believer in keeping animals safe and saving there lives in any way we can. Our dogs, cats, and all our pets are like a family member to us. I believe with the Lighted Dog Collars that we can save many lives and help keep our pets safe. I thank you for visiting my site and if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Thank You, Dorrie

Lighted Dog Collars

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