English Bulldog Tips

English Bulldog Tips

The English Bulldog is a medium-sized dog. They are very friendly, courageous, sweet, and they love attention. Their life expectancy is between 8 – 10 years but I had mine for about 13 years. They weigh between 40 – 50 pounds and their colorings range from white, brindle and white, fawn and white, red and white, fawn, and brindle are a few of their colors. They are very muscular in build and they have wrinkled faces with squished In noses. I’m going to give you a little bit of history on the bulldog, and then I will go into English Bulldog Training Tips.

Little History

The English Bulldog originated from the British Isles around the 13th-century, during the reign of King John. They had a blood sport called Bullbaiting, a stacked bull would fight a pack of dogs while spectators bet on them. These dogs were muscular, ferocious, brutes, they seemed to have no tolerance for pain. Around 1835 England banned this blood sport. After that the Bulldogs almost went in extinction, but people started transforming this breed into lovers not fighters. This breed is sweet, friendly, and mellow and they love children.

The first animal to all sports mascot was called Handsome Dan he was Yale’s university mascot the Bulldog.


Bulldogs need to have there faces cleaned often because of their wrinkles. I suggest using dog wipes or peroxide to keep clean regularly and to prevent moisture and food to build up in between the wrinkles causing irritation and infection. Also they need to be kept dried and you can use cornstarch for that.

The bulldog is not a sport dog but they do like their playtime. They are more of a laid back relaxing pet.

Bulldogs with their squished in noses get overheated quickly. Make sure they have fresh clean water available at all times.

We usually see bulldogs in commercials on skateboards and something on wheels. They do like wheels mine liked to go for rides in carts and in the wheelbarrow. He would try to get the tire or wheel if he didn’t get to get in it. So if you take them for rides just make sure you watch them carefully so they don’t get hurt.

Training Advice

English Bulldog Training Tips. Bulldogs should not be left in the hot sun. They should always have access to shade and water. No animal should ever be left in a car in hot weather or even mild warm weather. Bulldogs love to chew so get chew toys because they will love these for most of their lives. They love to play tug-a-war but it’s very important to teach them to drop it or release it on your command. From an early age so they don’t develop a protective habit of their food he needs to be taught to accept having you take food from his bowl while he is eating it. Bulldogs also love going on walks even though they love relaxing by their owners feet. Bulldogs like water but are top-heavy, a shallow wading pool up to the elbows is perfect for them.

So a little recap always keep their wrinkles dry to prevent infection, at an early age take food from their bowls while they are eating to prevent bad habits from forming, they love rides but always keep an eye on them to keep them safe, never leave them in the hot sun they get overheated quickly, always have clean fresh water available for them, and love them and enjoy your English Bulldog.

Always Take Care Of Our Pets

Bulldogs are very easy going devoted, loyal, friendly, sweet dogs their very eager to please their owners. They are also great apartment living animals. They are a very great family dog so always take care of your pets and keep these types of dogs in a nice cool shaded place. Thank you until next time. If you have any comments our questions please leave them in the comment area below with your email address and I will get back with you. Thank you again.


English Bulldog Tips

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